Cat Boarding in Eccles – Your Cat’s Holiday Away from Home

Cat Boarding in Eccles Find the right cat boarding in Eccles facilities before you finalise your holiday plans. Going away on a holiday with your family is a fun and well-deserved treat. Planning the itinerary, along with the scenic spots you want to visit is all part of the fun. However, it is also essential to plan for the care of your cat while you are away. Relying on a neighbour or family isn’t always the best option. They might be unavailable or your cat is likely to run away when visitors arrive that he is not used to. That is why it is a sensible plan to find the right cat boarding facilities for your fur baby. A well-run and established cattery can provide a safe place for your cat to be in your absence.

A well-run cattery also has a staff with experience in caring for cats. Thus, in Eccles, cat boarding at a top cattery is an excellent plan. Not only will your cat be safe and well looked after, but you will also have peace of mind, knowing that he is cared for. As such, we offer top class cat boarding facilities at our kennels. We have many years of experience in caring for both cats and dogs while their owners are away from home. Furthermore, we’re a family-run business and have a team that is loving and experienced. Our cat boarding includes purpose-built cat kennels that are designed with a cat’s safety and comfort in mind. We have 32 single and double cat pens. Each of these is indoors and each is fully centrally heated.

Our cat boarding in Eccles includes nutritious meals for your cat. We use the Arden Grange complete for all our feline guests’ meals. In addition, you can be sure that your cat is safe while he is here with us. Our cattery is manned 24 hours a day by our staff. Furthermore, we also always have CCTV in operation. For more details about our cat boarding facilities, contact Blakeley Farm Kennels today. If your cat needs regular medication, we can assist. Clean and comfortable, our cat boarding facilities are ideal for your fur baby. Inspections are welcome, so pay us a visit today.

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