Professionally Run Dog Kennels in Blythe Bridge Provide Peace of Mind

Dog Kennels in Blythe Bridge If you need to leave town for a few days, dog kennels in Blythe Bridge are an excellent choice for your furry friend. Your dog deserves the best care in your absence. Relying on neighbours to care for him while you are away isn’t always a practical plan. There are numerous things that can go wrong. You’d be worrying about his safety, or whether he was being fed on time, instead of focusing on your time away. Professional dog kennels understand these challenges. Hence, we offer an expert service that will meet your dog’s every requirement. Furthermore, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that he is safe and cared for.

Before you finalise your plans, give us a ring. Thus, in Blythe Bridge, dog kennels offer a home away from home for your pet. Our services include 56 purpose built kennels with all weather runs. Your dog will be warm and comfortable at our facility. Furthermore, our expert team is present at the kennels 24 hours a day and we have CCTV in operation too. If your pooch is a fussy eater, not to worry. We offer all our doggy guests nutritious and doggy delicious Arden Grange quality wet and dry dog food. We can also administer any medication that your dog needs. All in all, your dog will be well cared for at our kennels.

Dog kennels in Blythe Bridge are available when you need us. We accept all types of dogs, both large and small. Each of the dogs that stay with us needs evidence of up-to-date vaccinations, including kennel cough.  To find out more about our professionally run dog kennels, contact Blakely Farm right away. We also welcome visitors for inspections. Pay us a visit and see where your furry friend will be staying in your absence. In addition, we also offer a dog grooming service. If your dog is looking a little scruffy, our expert can ensure he is thoroughly groomed and smelling beautiful before you return. Choosing professional dog kennels means choosing peace of mind. Call us today and find out more.

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